We work together to ensure that one of us is always available for your birth. We love combining our passions for art and birth. When we attend births as midwives, our hands are occupied with clinical skills and catching babies. Birth photography gives us the opportunity to take a quieter role and witness the power of birth with only a camera in our hands.



Before becoming a doula and midwife, El studied fine art and digital media at Parsons School of Design. In 2010 El trained as a doula and started attending births, and in 2015 she began midwifery school through the National Midwifery Institute with a busy birth center apprenticeship at Pacifica Family Maternity Center in Berkeley. El brings a creative eye, a grounding presence, and a healing touch to every birth she attends. El is passionate about birth and art, and sees birth photography as the perfect union between the two.



Renée has been attending births for over eleven years, first as a doula, and now as a licensed midwife with June Moon Birth & Midwifery since 2014. Renée started messing around in the darkroom when she was fifteen years and has never left. She has exhibited work in a group show at the Minneapolis Institutes of Arts and was a member in Tom Arndt’s F-Stop group at the Minneapolis Photo Center for many years. Renée is grateful for the opportunity to merge her twin loves in birth photography.